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Fresh, homemade fudge using only natural ingredients. No preservatives and made to order. Each bag contains 150g of sweet delight for only £3.50
Apple and Cinnamon
Apricot and Almond

The warming flavour of cinnamon together with apple bring reminders of autumn days in this smooth milk chocolate fudge​

Sweet apricots and crunchy almonds encased in lovely rich dark chocolate fudge

Coffee and Walnut

Espresso coffee with crunchy walnuts folded through milk chocolate fudge

White chocolate fudge with delicate coconut folded through​

Dark Chocolate

Decadent dark chocolate fudge with no added extras

Lovely plump, sweet, ruby red cranberries chopped and folded though this delicious white chocolate fudge

Irish Cream

Smooth Irish Cream Liquor adds a truly delicate flavour to this white chocolate fudge

Golden fiery gems of crystallised ginger folded through sumptuous dark chocolate

Milk Chocolate

A delicate taste of peppermint folded through dark chocolate fudge

Milk chocolate fudge with nothing added


Crushed salted peanuts folded through dark chocolate fudge to give that sweet and salty taste

Grated zest of fresh oranges flavourthis silky smooth dark chocolate

Rum & Raisin

Silky smooth chocolate fudge with Madagascan vanilla

Rum infused raisins folded through milk chocolate fudge gives the taste of the Caribbean

White Chocolate
Christmas Cake

Silky smooth, sweet white chocolate fudge with nothing added

All the flavours of Christmas in each mouthful of fudge. Available from
15-11-16 until -20-12-16

Gingerbread Fudge
Nougat Fudge

Warming flavours of spice combinations go to make this fudge a must for Christmas. Available from
15-11-16 until -20-12-16

A combination of toasted almonds, pistachios, apricots and cherries all wrapped up in a white chocolate fudge